Architecture & the Built Environment


Since its foundation 110 years ago, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment has built up a solid international reputation for training architects, urban planners and designers, as well as for its research portfolio and coaching of PhD candidates. With around 2600 students and 500 staff members, with around 230 FTEs devoted to academic positions, our faculty is one of the largest of Delft University of Technology and one of the most prestigious architecture and the built environment faculties globally. Traditionally, the faculty has prioritised high-quality training in design and research in the field of the built environment. Over 40 chairs cover a wide range of academic areas in design, process and technology, which together cover the entire field of the built environment. The faculty has a budget of around €38 million, of which approximately €7 million is sourced indirectly and from contracts with third parties.


The Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology provides education and performs scientific research in the field of building technology related to building design. It positions itself as an important player in the integration of design and engineering. The department focuses on innovations and improved versions of combinations of materials to form elements, components, systems and complete parts of buildings. The main core areas of interest are façade design, structural design, climate design and computational design with an important focus on sustainability.



Design Informatics


The chair Design Informatics focuses on computer applications, techniques and methods directed towards design and materialisation in the construction process. The chair teaches in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes, and conducts research on computation and performance. Performance-based design is one of the main topics in which computational methods and techniques are integrated into the entire spectrum from concept design to demolition using a collaborative environment such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) and BEM (Building Environmental Modelling).


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