The LAB a short introduction


The LAB is the culmination of a series of initiatives to enhance the the support for innovative research, design and education. It has a highly open character providing open access to students, researchers and staff alike. The open character is not only driven by a principal attitude towards collaboration and advanced support but it also enhances the  innovation by the creativity of the students    and researchers. The LAB is developed in collaboration with  other

chairs and departments within the Faculty of Architecture and the Build Environment.


                      The LAB consists of three elements:


                      The Additive Manufacturing lab. The AM lab

                       provides an environment for research and

                       education where new applications of AM

                       are developed. This lab was developed with

                       the collaboration of the chair of Structural



                       The VR Lab . The VR lab is developed by the

                        department of @HOK and the chair of

                        Design Informatics with support of the

                        Faculty of Architecture and the Build


                        The VR lab gives support in education and

                        investigates new applications of VR in

                        the field of architecture


                        E-Learning Lab. The E- Learning lab is an

                        essential part of the education of the  chair

                        of Design Informatics. It provides open

                        on line course material for the blended

                        courses DI provides. A constant effort

                        towards providing better on line education

                        drives the innovation of course content and

                        on line support.





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