Michela Turrin

Dr. MSc.Arch – Architect (SBA)

From 2006, Michela developed research, taught and coordinated MSc courses at the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, for the Chair of Design Informatics. In 2012 she was Marie Curie Fellow at Beijing University of Technology, as part of the Urban Knowledge Network Asia. She has collaborated with international companies and worked at Green World Solutions Ltd in Beijing. She has taught in a number of international events, among which the IFoU Summer School 2012 in Beijing and Winter School 2013 in Hong Kong. In 2013, she was awarded a grant by the Urban Systems and Environment, joint Research Centre between the South China University of Technology and Delft University of Technology; at South China University of Technology, in 2014 she has been awarded a grant as Excellent Oversea Instructor and a research grant by the Key State Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science. From September 2012 to January 2015, she hold a position as senior lecturer at Yasar University in Izmir-Turkey, where she has coordinated the collaborations with Delft University of Technology and has been involved in joint practice-related architectural design projects. Among other activities at TUDelft, in 2014 she worked on the 3TU Lighthouse granted project DoubleFace (http://www.3tu.nl/bouw/en/lighthouse2014/doubleface ). Currently, she is Assistant Professor at the Chair of Design Informatics at TUDelft; where she is also developing research as part of the STW granted project ADAM, on acoustics by additive manufacturing. Since 2003, she has lectured in workshops, symposia and international conferences; and she has co-organized international scientific conferences. Some of her publications has received international awards. Since 2011, she has peer-reviewed a number of journal papers and conference papers. As a practicing architect, she has been working on international projects.

Her current tasks as Assistant Professor include: 2015-on-going: research in ADAM, Acoustic Design by Additive Manufacturing, research project funded by STW. 2014-on-going: coordination of “Computational Design for Sport Buildings”, research project co-funded by USE joint research centre SCUT-TUDelft, TUDelft Sports Engineering Institute, and SCUT State Key Lab of Subtropical Building Science; with CSC funded PhD candidates. 2014-on-going: coordination in C&P research group, representing it at the Faculty Research Council. 2011-on-going: Coordination of the MSc Design Course XXL in BIG&TALL; responsible mentor of MSc graduation projects.



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Michela’s doctoral research had focused on parametric and computational processes for performance-oriented design for multidisciplinary design processes and interdisciplinary integration of engineering disciplines in the early phase of architectural design. Focusing on large roofs as application field; and focusing on passive climatic control and structural performances, as the selected engineering performance, the research had aimed at developing a computational design approach to support designers in performance driven explorations. PAS (Performance Assessment Strategies) as a method has been the main output of the research. It consists of a framework structured in three parts, including guidelines and an extensible library of procedures for parametric modelling. PAS has been developed based on action research. Several case studies had focused on each step of PAS and on their interrelationships. In order to facilitate design explorations in case of large solution spaces, the support of genetic algorithms had been investigated. Based on a collaboration with Dr. Peter von Buelow at Taubman College of Architecture, the exiting method ParaGen had been further implemented. Final case studies had focused on the potentials of ParaGen to identify well performing solutions; to extract knowledge during the third part of PAS; and to allow interventions of the designer as an alternative to generations driven solely by coded criteria.

Her current research focuses on computational design for performative architecture. Conceptual design is one of the most crucial phases in which computational processes can be developed for form generation, aiming at new architectural forms coupled with sound fulfillment of performance-criteria. Based on the integration of engineering aspects into the architectural conception, computation can be put forward to realize this goal. With this perspective and focusing on computation for interdisciplinary integrated design, Michela works with students and young researchers through iterative design processes to enhance the interaction between creative form-finding and scientific inquiries on performances. Current examples with MSc students and young researchers regard inquiries:

To exploit the potentials of parametric design for generating geometric design alternatives, assessable based on measurable criteria; and for embedding deterministic relation between performance and geometry.

To exploit the potentials of search algorithms and data analysis for favoring the design exploration of optimal as well as sub-optimal solutions, in order to support decision making processes; and for extracting knowledge reusable in future projects.

To exploit the potentials of digital prototyping and manufacturing for supporting the production of mock-ups to measure performances during the design process; and for supporting the fabrication of final products, for which constrains and potentials of materials and innovative production technologies are included in the design process.

At the scale of large buildings, complex interdisciplinary aspects are tackled based on principles for collaboration. At the small scale of building components, more experimental form-finding is developed by integrating performance assessments and digital manufacturing.

Large Buildings:

Building Components:

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2014: DoubleFace – Lighthouse project, 3TU.Bouw Center of Excellence for the Built Environment, project initiator: as Delft University of Technology affiliated, collaboration with the Chair of Building Physics at TUDelft AE+T and the chair of Innovative Structural Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven for the designing and prototyping an adjustable translucent modular system featuring thermal insulation and thermal absorption in a calibrated manner. Expected result is a proof of concept and prototype of a system based on lightweight and translucent materials including latent heat storage materials like pcm. Research project granted by 3TU.Bouw.

2014 (granted for 2015-2016): TUDelft-SCUT research project on large roofs in subtropical climate, main researcher. : as Delft University of Technology affiliated, collaboration with Yimin Sun Design Studio (Guangzhou, China) and SCUT, on the topic of large roofs. With support of computational methods, the research aims at improving energy efficient climate control of final designs, by passive and active systems. Focus is given to large roofs for sport facilities. Research granted by the State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science in Guangzhou (China) as part of the Open Project Program.

2013: TUDelft-SCUT research project on large roofs, project co-leader: as Delft University of Technology affiliated, collaboration with Yimin Sun Design Studio (Guangzhou, China) on the topic of large roofs, especially for sport facilities. Expected consultancy for the on-going design of the Jiangmen sport centre (China), consisting of a stadium, gymnasium, natatorium and exhibition centre. Research project granted by Urban Systems and Environment Research Centre, TUDelft-SCUT.

2013: Urfa Pinar Factory, project coordination: as Yasar University affiliated, coordination of a project for consultancy during architectural design of a new office building in Urfa, Turkey. Project funded by the client.

2012-2014: Marie Curie Fellowship: as Delft University of Technology affiliated, Marie Curie fellowship at Beijing University of Technology as part of the Urban Knowledge Network Asia. In this context: in 2012, research project in collaboration with Green Word Solutions Co Ltd (Beijing) for the design of a new Atrium (8.000 cubic m.) in an office building in Shenyang (China), based on passive climate control principles. Fellowship granted by IRSES EU’s Seventh Framework Programme.

2006-2013: Research and Doctoral research in Computational Design, at the Chair of Design Informatics of the Faculty of Architecture – with international collaborations, including the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning (Dr.-Ing. Peter von Buelow) and with Princeton University (Axel Kilian, PhD-MIT). As example of practice-based research project: consultancy for the design of a 4200 square meter roof, recently built in Italy.

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Selected MSc Graduation Projects:

Foteini Setaki, (2012), Acoustics by Additive Manufacturing, MSc thesis, Delft University of Technology, Delft, supervised by M. Turrin (main mentor), A. van Timmeren and M.J. Tenpierik. http://repository.tudelft.nl/view/ir/uuid%3A153e94d2-4b56-4577-b286-f0fd85199234/

Marina Stavrakantonaki (2012), A design strategy for daylight control for the project “Vertical City”, in Rotterdam, MSc thesis, Delft University of Technology, Delft, supervised by T.Klein (main mentor), M.Turrin.

Mar Munoz Catalina (2012), Double-curved unitized curtain wall systems for non-orthogonal facades, MSc thesis, Delft University of Technology, Delft, supervised by T.Klein (main mentor), M.Turrin.

Daniel J. van Kersbergen (2011), Integrated design research for the wind and daylight performance of the building envelope, (Double Degree Architectural Design and Building Technology), MSc thesis, Delft University of Technology, Delft, supervised by Y.Cuperus (main mentor A), M.Turrin (main mentor BT), F.Heinzelmann.

Axel van Zalingen (2011), A single comprehensive computational building model, MSc thesis, Delft University of Technology, Delft, supervised by R.Stouffs (main mentor A), G.Hobbelman, M.Turrin.

Yannick Liem (2011), Graphic statics in funicular design: calculating force equilibrium through complementary energy, MSc thesis, Delft University of Technology, Delft, supervised by A.Borgart (main mentor A), M.Turrin.

PhDs Supervision:

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