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The chair of Design Informatics has a long tradition of providing free on line accessible educational material. In the last decade we developed a range of E -learning content focusing on providing students with on line course material related to software use in the digital design process.  It forms an integral part of our blended education in the bachelor and the masters. This long term commitment  in developing on line material results in an extensive on line infrastructure and content essential to our education.


The material is accessible for our students by the TOI Pedia, a wiki environment with a wide range of different types of course material. Ranging from instruction material, tutorials to background information essential for understanding the digital design process.  The material is also accessible under the Creative Commons License (CC-BY-NC-SA) providing every one who is interested in learning more about  digital design environments the opportunity to  access the course material. The courses as a whole , containing the content of the course and course material are fully available on line. This open policy has a long tradition in our chair and is driven by the principal  to provide open education for all.

The Toi pedia is since a few years part of the TU Delft OpenCourseWare Portfolio.

Worldwide the TOI Pedia attracts 400.000 visitors a year.


In  the last 10 years the on line course material developed in an effective support for our digital design courses.  New innovations in E- learning are implemented to further enhance its effectiveness and provide alternative means of education like customization of courses by the students. New developments are tested and implemented through out the courses. Providing a constant stream of innovative approaches to blended education.




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