TOI | Design Informatics

The Design Informatics chair is led by Sevil Sariyildiz. It addresses the application of information, communication and knowledge technologies (ICKT) to the building design domain in the entire breadth, paying particular attention to the building technical domain. The activities of the chair bridge the fundamentally technical aspects of informatics and building science with the applied creative aspects of architectural and building design, and include both mono-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research and education.

The mission of the chair is to educate architectural engineers to excel in the domain of informatics within the building practice and advance the building practice; to further develop the field of design informatics, leading to innovations in the areas of building design and materialization processes; and to lead nationally and internationally in the area of design informatics applied to architecture.

During the conceptual phase most important decisions are taken. Computational design tools, methods and techniques enable to INTEGRATE these aspects into the architectural design. After the concept form generation, performance of the concept is evaluated in terms of various measures aiming to achieve best performance of the concept design.

This approach gives both designers and builders a toolkit to construct a virtual building (or built environment till the components) to test key aspects of the building performance and optimize the design before any physical construction has to take place.

Main education and research topics of the Chair are: